Dutch language courses in Dordrecht

You will feel at home more easily in the Netherlands with a good understanding of the Dutch language and culture.

Dutch in Dordrecht specialises in providing Dutch courses for non-native speakers. We offer language courses at all levels for individuals, groups and companies.

You will learn the Dutch language in an active and motivating way. In addition, you will be introduced to the Dutch culture and traditions. Whether you are just starting to learn the Dutch language or are already a more advanced learner, there is a course for everyone. 

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Do you need Dutch for your work?

Dutch in Dordrecht offers several options for workplace language training.

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We regularly organise fun activities where you learn not only the Dutch language, but also the culture. It is the ideal opportunity to get acquainted with Dutch and other non-native speakers!

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Learn to speak better?

Join the conversation class! This class is full of educational and active speaking exercises. Each week you’ll cover a different topic, learn lots of new words and meet fun people. Are you ready for this enjoyable class? Book a free trial lesson!

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